I Would Highly Recommend Kevin !

I worked with Kevin a few years back to sell a condo in Manchester, NH. It was a great experience overall. Kevin’s knowledge of the local market is deep and well known, whether you’re a buyer or a seller it will valuable. He made the process of listing easy and dealt with pretty much  everything for us. Through various channels, we had potential buyers there quickly…a lot of them. Once we went under contract, Kevin’s expertise in the negotiation and overall real estate process was needed, welcomed and became invaluable. The buyer’s realtor was not the easiest to work with. Kevin did an amazing job representing us and keeping my expectations and aggravation in check as we were dealing with her. Kevin is not only a great resource for the buying/selling process but he is a wealth of information on the real estate market. He is always happy to have a conversation with someone to help them out and provide as much value as he can. I would highly recommend Kevin as both a realtor and as a friend, which is coincidentally what he’ll become after you work with him!

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