61% of First-Time Buyers Put Down Less than 6%

According to the¬†National Association of Realtors‚Äô¬†latest¬†Realtors Confidence Index, 61% of first-time homebuyers purchased their homes with down payments below 6% from October 2016 through November 2017. Many potential homebuyers believe that a 20% down payment is necessary to buy a home and have disqualified themselves without even trying. The median down payment for all buyers … Continued

What is the Cost of Waiting Until Next Year to Buy?

We¬†recently¬†shared that over the course of the last 12 months, home prices have appreciated by 7.0%. Over the same amount of time, interest rates have remained historically low which has allowed many buyers to enter the market. As a seller, you will likely be most concerned about¬†‚Äėshort-term price‚Äô¬†‚Äď where home values are headed over the … Continued

Bubble Alert! Is it Getting Too Easy to Get a Mortgage?

There is little doubt that it is easier to get a home mortgage today than it was last year. The¬†Mortgage Credit Availability Index¬†(MCAI), published by the¬†Mortgage Bankers Association,¬†shows that mortgage credit has become more available in each of the last several years. In fact, in just the last year: More buyers are putting less than … Continued

Why Are So Few Homes for Sale?

There is no doubt that the largest challenge in today‚Äôs housing market is a lack of housing inventory for sale. This challenge has been¬†defined¬†as an¬†‚Äúoverwhelming lack of supply,‚Ä̬†and even a¬†‚Äústraight up inventory crisis.‚ÄĚ First American¬†just released the results of a¬†survey¬†which sheds light on the reasons for the current lack of supply. The survey asked title … Continued

My Credit Score and Buying a Home: Don‚Äôt Disqualify Yourself‚Ķ 52% of Approved Loans Have A FICO¬ģ Score Under 750

The results of countless studies have shown that potential home buyers, and even current homeowners, have an inflated view of what is really required to qualify for a mortgage in today‚Äôs market. One such study by the¬†Wharton School of Business¬†at the¬†University of Pennsylvania¬†revealed that many millennials have not yet considered purchasing homes simply because they … Continued

93.6% Of Homes in NH Have Positive Equity

CoreLogic‚Äôs¬†latest¬†Equity Report¬†revealed that ninety-one thousand residential properties regained equity in Q1 2017. The outlook for 2017 remains positive as well, as an additional 600 thousand properties will regain equity if home prices rise another 5% this year. The study also revealed that: Roughly 63% of all homeowners have seen their equity increase since Q1 2016 … Continued

Americans Still Believe Real Estate is Best Long-Term Investment

According to¬†Bankrate‚Äôs latest¬†Financial Security Index Poll,¬†Americans who have money to set aside for the next 10 years would rather invest in real estate than any other type of investment. Bankrate¬†asked Americans to answer the following question: ‚ÄúWhat is the best way to invest money you wouldn‚Äôt need for 10 years or more?‚ÄĚ Real Estate came … Continued

June 2017 NH Real Estate Market Report

June market: sales up, price hits high mark After several months of sales decreases compared to a year prior, June numbers were up both in terms of unit sales and median price. Even so, second quarter and year-to-date data showed sales numbers still lagging behind those of the second quarter in 2016. Among the statewide … Continued