Kevin is a trustworthy and focused!

Kevin did a great job guiding me through my first time buying a home. I took him to a number of houses around Manchester, and for each of them he supplied me with plenty of important information, with a friendly and helpful demeanor. Throughout the search, he would periodically send me houses that  fit my taste, but at no point in the process did I feel pressured or hurried. I would sometimes go days at a time neglecting to respond to him, but whenever I did, he would get right back to me. Kevin would never hesitate to look me in the eyes and tell me if he thought a place was no good for me. He was always prepared and helpful, and would give me his honest opinion. Once we started the negotiation process, he was extremely informative and 100% on my side. He made sure the contract was followed through up to the closing, and would quickly notify me of any changes or issues that came up. He even had the seller fix a minor plumbing issue that came up in inspection before the sale without me asking him to. Kevin Cooper is a trustworthy and focused real estate agent that I would definitely recommend to any prospective homebuyers in the region.

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