Welcome to today’s episode of Coop Knows Hampshire where I will be discussing the Pros and Cons of living in New Hampshire with you. It is important to know these hidden facts that aren’t on a thousand lists of blogs or websites, and some you may have not even heard before. So whether you are planning a move to NH or just visiting, this list of pros and cons should help you get a general understanding of this beautiful state. Let’s get started with the list of Pros and Cons I have, in my opinion!

I’m going to start with Cons, but let’s not forget that for every Con, there is a Pro. Hence I will talk about the Pros attached to the Cons.

Con Number One

Don’t come to New Hampshire if you don’t like the winter.

Expect long winters of up to 4 months. So if you don’t like snow or cold, you will not fare well here. New Hampshire’s winters are freezing cold, snow filled, and windy; Some people claim this period around December to March are miserable and filled with nothing but an empty promise. In my opinion, it is not exactly true because it comes with these Pros: if you like skiing, Snowmobiling, snowboarding – you’re going to love it here.

Con Number Two

We have high property taxes even though there is no sales tax.

Yes! We have no sales tax as Pro to this Con. This is fascinating, isn’t it? There is no income or sales tax in New Hampshire, along with Delaware, Montana, and Oregon. This makes buying property a lot more affordable than, say, in Massachusetts or Connecticut. You only pay taxes on your property, but when you walk into the grocery store, and your bill is $148, there is no extra $8 in tax on top that for you.

Con Number Three


New Hampshire is traffic-intensive, heading back to Massachusetts or other states on Sunday. The reason for this is that a lot of people travel to New Hampshire because everyone deserves to be in a beautiful state, especially in the fall when we have a foliage season, and the leaves flying around in such a beautiful pattern. People come riding around, looking at this beautiful state, and then they go home.

So let’s talk about the Pros

Pro Number One

New Hampshire is a beautiful state

People from out of the town visiting always want to be in New Hampshire because of the beautiful connection to nature and its landscape. New Hampshire has beautiful mountains up north, oceans out of the east. The exciting thing is you can get to anyone within a very short travel period. More so, there is no better place to be in the fall time than up in the mountains looking at Hampshire beautiful leaves.

Pro Number Two

No Sales Tax

On my Pro number two is, there is no sales tax. When you go in to the mall and buy some clothes or other items, there is no extra money added on that bill for state tax.

Pro Number Three

Great school systems

We have some of the best school systems. New Hampshire is home to two of the most prestigious academic institutions in the nation: Phillips Exeter Academy (consistently ranked as #1 private high school in the country) and Ivy League Dartmouth University. Beyond these, there are many great schools with outstanding curricula throughout the state.

Pro Number Four

Great career opportunities

We have got some pretty good employment opportunities in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is the home to BAE Systems, Lockheed, Budweiser, Fidelity. You are definitely in high demand right here if you are a professional running a profitable business or are in a creative field.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Coop Knows New Hampshire where I talk about the Pros and Cons of living in New Hampshire. No matter what you’re looking for, it’s here. In the summertime, go check out the beaches down in Hampton. In the winter or the fall, go up to the mountains. You’ll definitely have a beautiful time of the year, skiing, snowboarding, or seeing the leaves change. You have it all right here in New Hampshire.

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